Private Trombone Lessons

Ages 8 and up

Beginner students spend their first lessons learning the basic mechanics of playing the instrument. A variety of breathing, lip buzzing, mouthpiece buzzing, and tonguing exercises are incorporated to lay a strong foundation and ease of playing. Students are also introduced to reading music, covering common fingerings and rhythms through 8th notes. A variety of melodies from classical, jazz, and popular music are used to help them progress and enjoy the process.

Intermediate students work more in-depth with all aspects of the instrument. The Arban’s method book is used extensively to introduce the student to a lifetime of technical exercises, introducing more advanced rhythms and a variety of major and minor scales. Additional solo repertoire is selected based on the student’s interests (classical, jazz, popular, etc.) and skill levels for fun and further development. Selected music for listening is often assigned for the week to help develop the student’s tonal concept and style on their instrument. For students that are interested, improvisation is introduced via the blues and simple jazz chord progressions.

Advanced students focus on interpretation of style, improvisation, and theory as it applies to the genre of music they are studying. For Jazz students, advanced theory, arranging techniques, and improvisation through chord scales, substitutions, transcriptions and melodic concepts are covered. Composition is encouraged at this point. Classical students focus on repertoire, advanced technique, and interpretation. Students will also begin working with extreme registers of the instrument, focusing on the range above “high Bb,” lip slurs for flexibility, and low note exercises to promote even facility throughout the instrument.

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