Private Bass Guitar Lessons

guitar-lessonThe beginning student will learn to identify all four strings. Reading is introduced in commonly used areas of the fingerboard. Understanding the role of the instrument in an ensemble setting is always stressed.

Many styles are explored, including: rock, blues, funk, pop, jazz, and the techniques that apply to those idioms, i.e., walking bass, funk pop and slap, general knowledge of outlining chord structures.

Intermediate and advanced students will explore more rhythmically and harmonically complex styles of music such as jazz and fusion through the use of chord scales, substitutions, melodic development, general theory and techniques that relate directly to the material. Applying these tools to tunes and ear training via learning songs from the record are stressed at the intermediate and advanced levels.

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30 minute private lessons are only $29
Tuition is paid monthly. There is a one time $20 registration fee for new students
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Here are just a few of the Baltimore neighborhoods TMW serves.

Baltimore County
Loch Raven
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