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flute-lessonThe objective of the lessons will be to develop all aspects of the flutists’ technique: fundamentals of tone, musicality, how to approach to practicing, build technique, increase physical awareness, hone performance skills, and a acquire a functional knowledge of music theory and history. These fundamentals will be a priority for the growth of classical as well as jazz flute students.

The beginning flutist will learn to have a controlled and focused tone, to use have proper hand position, and will be introduced to basic music theory. Theory will be comprised of  an introduction to long tones and  intonation,  scales, key signature, and identification of notes on the staff- all in preparation for the use of  Method Book 1.

Intermediate students will be advised to bring representation of repertoire and materials to the first lesson so that the level of performance can be determined. Generally, instruction of scales and intervals will be used as a warm-up in each lesson, followed by guided practice of Methods book 1 and 2 material, for sight reading and technique building purposes.

Advanced students will also be asked to bring in all materials and be prepared to demonstrate their level of mastery by playing an excerpt of a piece that has been worked up to performance level.  Scales, intervals, and arpeggios will be played at the beginning of each lesson as a warmup. After warmups, the student will play through the etude that was assigned the previous week by the instructor, followed by sight reading  (jazz students will spend the duration of the lesson sight reading as well as improvising and discussing chord changes). Lastly, the student will receive  guided instruction of their current repertoire assigned by the instructor OR repertoire brought in by the student for a school band/orchestra or church performance.

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