img_6032Kidz Rock at the Music Workshop

Kidz Rock is an exciting and unique program available to Music Workshop Students!

KidzRock is open to kids from 9 and up.

Musicians are grouped by age and skill level.

  • Typical age groups are: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17.
  • Age grouping is approximate because we have students at different skill levels that don’t always match up with their ages. The above age groupings are the most typical.
  • We also try to consider stylistic interests. Some kids are into Modern Rock, while others are Classic Rock, or Heavy Metal. Sometimes styles cross over, and when that happens it’s a lesson in compromise for everyone.

Bands meet once a week for 1 hour in the Music Workshop’s Recording studio.

  • Our studio is designed to “plug in and play”.  This means less time spent on working out technical issues, and more time spent on playing.
  • Each session is overseen by one of our on-staff instructors who know how to get things done as far as learning and perfecting songs. They are also trained to run the recording part of the studio, so when a song is ready, it can instantly be recorded and mixed, and posted on the web for the whole world to hear.

Regular public performances are scheduled throughout the year.

  • Concerts are scheduled 4-6 times per year. Venues include The Recher Theatre in Towson, The 8×10 in Federal Hill, and various festivals and community events.
  • THESE ARE REAL BANDS. Not just a group of kids getting together and playing assigned parts for a show. Kids form relationships within and outside of The Music Workshop.
  • THIS IS A COMMITMENT. Students are required to show up for the weekly rehearsals, and of course, for the concerts. Think of it like a sports team. The weekly rehearsals are equivalent to the practices, and the concerts are like the games. Failure to show is grounds for dismissal

Tuition is $17/week per child. Paid monthly. See registration form for details.

Here are the current bands at The Music Workshop. Check out their videos from past shows, and mp3’s from the recording studio.

New bands are always being formed. If your interested, fill out the registration form, and a representative from The Music Workshop will be in contact with you.