Our rock band program is an exciting and unique program available exclusively to The Music Workshop students!


  • Bands are open to The Music Workshop musicians from ages 9 -17 years.
  • Musicians are grouped by age and skill level.
  • Typical age groups are: 9-11, 12-14, 15-17; grouping is approximate because we have students at different skill levels that don’t always match up with their ages.
  • Diversified bands: Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie, Modern, Pop, Original, if styles overlap, then it’s a lesson in compromise.
  • Bands meet once a week for one hour in our “plug in and play” recording studio rehearsal space.
  • Each session is overseen by one of our instructors who act as a band mentor and are proficient with the recording studio equipment.
  • When a band song is ready, it can instantly be recorded and mixed.
  • Concerts are scheduled 4-6 times per year. Venues include the former Recher Theatre, 8×10, Ottobar, Zen West and various festivals and community events.
  • THESE ARE REAL BANDS. Not just a group of kids getting together and playing assigned parts for a show. Kids form relationships within and outside of The Music Workshop. This is a true collaboration. All Time Low began at The Music Workshop!
  • THIS IS A COMMITMENT. Students are required to show up for the weekly rehearsals and of course, for the concerts. Think of it like a sports team, weekly rehearsals = practices, and concerts = games. Failure to show is grounds for dismissal.
  • Tuition is $21/week per child. Paid monthly. See registration form for details.
  • New bands formed on a rolling basis.
  • Here are the current bands at The Music Workshop. Check out their videos from past shows, and mp3’s from the recording studio.
  • If you’re interested, fill out the registration form, and a representative from The Music Workshop will be in contact with you.