Recording Studio

Our recording studio is a fully functional, 24 input, 24-bit facility. It is designed to “plug in and play”. This means all inputs to the mixing board are wired into the computer, which has a template with plug-in effects such as reverbs, compressor/limiters, and EQ’s already set for mix-down.

What does all this mean?

It means when you come to our studio to record, you plug your instrument in, the engineer hits the record button, you start singing and playing, and when you listen back, it sounds great. Less time spent on set up, more time spent on creating music! Of course, if you want to further enhance or tweak your sound, we can do that to!

We have keyboards with a huge sound library, (over 10,000 sounds). A Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie 122-A sound cabinet. Roland V-drums, or Pearl Custom acoustic drums. Line 6 guitar amps. Plus all the mics and effects you need to sound great.

Rehearsal Studio:

  • All of the above equipment is available for band rehearsals, or you can bring your own if you prefer.
  • Because we’re designed to plug in and play, you can record your rehearsal, and listen back to see how you sound, or edit the session for a quick Demo!

Our studio rate is only $50/hour, including the producer/engineer.

Here are some samples of productions done at The Music Workshop’s studio.

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