Experienced Instruction from Professional Musicians

30 minute private lessons are $28. Tuition is paid monthly. There is a one time $20 registration fee for new students.

Experienced Instruction from Professional Musicians. Music is a journey. And our well-educated staff has traveled down virtually every road in the industry. Rock, jazz, and blues guitarists, classical, pop, and gospel pianists, jazz saxophonists, or pop and classical vocalists – you name it, we play it. You simply tell us which instrument and style you’re interested in and we select the right teacher for you.

An eclectic collection of some of the most highly regarded, professional musicians in the Baltimore Metro area, our teachers share their years of experience, skills, and musical passion with each student – taking them wherever they want to go, musically.

Individualized Lesson Plans. A Foundation in Fundamentals.

Music is personal. Not everyone learns at the same pace. One person may excel in rhythm but struggle with sight reading. This is why The Music Workshop emphasizes private instruction. Our experienced teachers evaluate, on a one to one basis, each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and develop a lesson plan individualized for that student.

While the pace of learning may change, one thing that remains constant for all students at The Music Workshop, is a solid foundation in music fundamentals.We believe it’s impossible to become proficient at any musical instrument without a strong background in fundamentals – such as technique, sight reading, theory, ear training, and scales. So these are the things on which we focus. And we’ve discovered that the disciplines developed in music also carry over to many other areas of a student’s life. In fact, national studies have proven that students who play a musical instrument get better grades in school.

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